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Live from Japan until I get back to Orlando

13 August
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hi. my name is Laura and i decided to open up a live journal account because dear friend, Tim, who also has an account here. let's see, i'm 20 (almost 21!) and i live in orlando. i'm filipino/jamaican/chinese...yes, i know...WOW... basically all i do is work and go to school, which sucks so, i hope i can find some good stuff to write about. i am in Japan right now visit my family so, my journals from now til august should be more interesting than later on in the year. hmmmmmm...oh yeah, i'm single, looking, sorta. i want to neet a guy who, first and foremost, loves God as much as i do, and from there, i'm not so picky. i'm an introvert but i have my moments. i'm kind, generous, i laugh ALOT, and i love ice cream!